Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 - Wow...this is hard!

I rarely ever eat lunch during the week while I'm at work. Typically, I'll forego the whole "food thing" until I get home from work and then decide I need to eat about 4 servings of whatever my wife is making us for dinner. Yeah...that's probably not very healthy.

Well...today I decided to head out to lunch. I needed to get something in my system - I was really lagging and just not focusing well on work - which there's quite a bit of that to do. I grabbed my keys off my desk and headed toward the elevator. I got in the elevator to head down to the car. The whole time I was in the elevator, I was thinking - "Don't go to QuikTrip. Don't go to QuikTrip. Don't go t..." - I didn't necessarily trust myself about driving over to lunch and going right by a gas station without going in.

I headed in my car to Quizno's and tore through a Turkey Pesto Torpedo, Harvest Cheddar SunChips and some ridiculously amazing raspberry lemonade! It was delicious. I managed to come back to the station...and I did NOT stop at a gas station or by any cigarettes! YAYYY!

The only hard part of the whole trip was right when I got back and was walking into the building - there was a guy smoking right by the door. I so wanted to stop and ask to bum one...but I didn't - I kept on moving!

I'm back in the office now...and it's really effecting me. I'm getting numbing sensations all over - my fingers are like on crack; they won't slow down for anything - my mouth feels weird...UGH - this sucks!

Sorry to banter on and on about this...but this is helping me get through these cravings.

Have a great day!

~ Jeff ~

My Last Cigarette Readings (12:22 p.m. CST)
Increased Life Expectancy: 1 hour, 35 minutes, 20 seconds
Money Saved: $3.78
Cigarettes Not Smoked: 16.4879
Number of People died from smoking causes since I've quit: 10,541
Poor Circulation
Poor Lung Health
Excellent (None) Carbon Monoxide Levels
Exteme Cravings
Medium Nicotine Levels in Body (has lowered a slight amount since last reading)

Daily Tidbit from My Last Cigarette
Cancer of the bladder is incurable. Cigarettes contain over 60 cancerous substances and over 4,000 chemicals. Smoking increases the risk of cance anywhere in the body, not just the obvious places such as the throat and lungs.

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